Resources, inexhaustible magnesium

In recent years, energy and environmental problems have attracted the attention. And, amid the discussion of such an environment, our future, what is most remarkable is that magnesium is now. Point as an important reason that, in seawater and sunlight, that are included in the almost inexhaustible magnesium and so on.

And energy issues, in other words, is "the problem of energy depletion." It was also gathered attention to its rich resources, there is no impossible. More specifically, in seawater, and also (1.3 grams per liter), also in the material of the crust, it is an abundant element in the eighth contains a lot of magnesium has been second only to sodium.

In addition, the excellent recyclability of magnesium oxide as a major benefit of another, that arise as a result produce energy and so on. Since it is not preferable to disposable on the environment, of course, will produce magnesium oxide as a reaction product at this time, by reducing it, is not called back to the original magnesium.

In the near future, scientific verification is made more than enough, I do not need natural gas era coal oil might be coming. And when that happens, our lives, who exist to support the environment of the earth itself is in turn, a magnesium.