How to use?

In, and say what are used in what is magnesium oxide, cheaper price, such as the melting point is a basic substance high as high as 2800 ℃, has been widely used as refractory, while at high temperatures relatively high thermal conductivity for excellent electrical insulating properties, has been widely used as insulating material.

May be found here to be effective, such as constipation improvement, has been attracting attention as a drug, it is perhaps familiar. In addition, the thermal reduction method is called a refining how to adding a reducing agent to magnesium oxide, heated to high temperature by reducing the pressure, in the metal working Then, by removing the lightest magnesium called, demand rapidly Therefore it is possible to use as a structural material of automobiles and portable terminal has been growing.

As you can see from this, the magnesium oxide is easy to use, therefore, to those close to us, it has been used in a variety of ways.