Magnesium battery

If you give hot water to magnesium, hydrogen is generated. As you continue to heat it further, hydrogen is burned violently explosive, and then returns to water again. You can also move, etc. If you go by using a hydrogen generator at this time, it can also be used as fuel for fuel cells is that, if you go to take advantage of its explosive power.

If you use this mechanism can also be used for automobile engines. And that the best point of this system, there is no issue that the unnecessary ones, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, is that "which is clean" very.

In addition, magnesium is abundant in the first place, as already mentioned, for example, some of the seawater has a magnesium of such an amount greater than t 1,800 trillion in total, three years about 100,000 and go in terms of oil this it has been said to be comparable to the minute.

In addition, although it is important even than anything else from here, magnesium oxide remaining after use, will be collected on and on to the recycling center, is that the laser excitation sunlight is converted to a magnesium metal of the original re-I file. Also observed from the recycling efficiency are of particular interest in recent years, is a substance that is a very good underpinning.

Suggests a "nature-friendly" environment like this, sometimes referred to as "energy cycle" magnesium. A hint of resolution of energy problems in the future, it may be that the hidden feature called "circular" with the magnesium.