Not just cement!

That the magnesium oxide has been utilized as raw material refractories for the steel industry was already mentioned, in recent years, weak alkaline and slightly soluble which is characteristic of magnesium oxide is now being focused more and more, broaden their applications. began to spread as a soil material aimed at curing. Curing characteristics of soil material as magnesium,
  • There is no impact on the ecosystem as a raw material so that the magnesium oxide is also a food additive and magnesia fertilizer
    • While there is a nature similar to harden themselves cement, sand and gravel and unnecessary
  • In order to solidify the soil of local construction, that can be returned to the soil naturally if no longer needed
    • To suppress the heat-island effect by suppressing the temperature rise of the surface construction
Etc. and so on. It is said that as a disadvantage, but more expensive than the point is raised cement products, future, and these cost issues will be resolved.