The future of our planet to FIG

The possibilities As noted in the preceding paragraph, the "circulation" of magnesium, the future of the earth, and very high. Abundant solar resources can be extracted from seawater. Practical use in the metal, ease of use is said to be the lightest. Excellent recyclability. When you begin the advantages mentioned, there is no kiri.

Would not be exaggeration to say there is also many things familiar to us, has been used in a variety of ways already, no longer, and have started building the next generation steadily and magnesium. Alloy wheel chassis PC species, of aluminum-based, desulfurization, nodular, automotive steering column, seat frames, laptop, SLR cameras, mobile phones, etc. is so. None, what is not only our necessities.

Currently, many companies and by our experts, magnesium research are being promoted every day. I'm sure they dream it is a new future for magnesium accomplish exactly, if you were able to greet the actually realized, the human race and to get rich environment. Global warming as a concrete example of one, adopted a recycling-based energy system and solar energy by magnesium, if spread, the problem of resource depletion can be eliminated, further, because it does not emit carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides , etc. be put to a halt and environmental destruction is also likely.

Ever since come to be noted among the energy problems of magnesium, as well as a number of related books have been issued. I hope that mankind was to acquire a prosperous future, as well as books and such, I hope that this site will be valuable for everyone to exist, and you want to end.